Friday, August 21, 2015

Me with Mother on her 90th bd

This is me, Tina Phillips McClaskey and Dan , my husband with Mother, Lola on her 90th birthday.

Crown Royal Quilt

 I made this quilt for my son Jon and gave it to him several Christmas,s ago. I used over 300 Crown Royal Bags to accomplish this. The bags themselves were given to him and he thought they would make a great quilt. and it is .I made it to fit a queen size bed.Never to repeat. It took me over 3 years to do this. I used a type of Cathedral Window pattern that I just made up using a square and a larger circle...

Minnesota Memory Bears

                                        These are the finished Memory Bears.

My Mother who is 90 loves to check over all my Memory Bears as I am making them.

Clothing sent

Collage of Handmade items

UT Memory Bears

 These Memory Bears were made from a U T sweat shirt, t shirt, jammie pants and a wedding dress

These Memory Bears were made for Bob Phillips in Hampton, Tn. In Memory of Marie Phillips. using the bottom half of her wedding dress and some of her U T attire.

Memories Shared

These Memory Bears were made in Memory of Joyce,s husband from Johnson City, tn.

Memory Bears made for Melissa Stanley and her brother and sister, from St. Cloud Minnesota

Non bears

Over the years Memory Bears I have made...

This Memory Bear was made with Silk Ties for My Mothers friend Irene.

This is a Memory Bear for Vicki Whisenhunt in Memory of her husband, Ricky Paul.

I made this for my Granddaughter,Chelsea.

This Memory Bear was made for Brenda Fields in Memory of her Father. It was made from his overalls and flannel shirt.

I made this for another one of my Grandaughters, Katie